Artist Name

Miriam Poletti

Title of Work

Adhesive Identification

Country: Italy
Year: 2016

About This Work

Adhesive Identification is a series of animated gif inspired by the theory of the skin ego devised by Didier Anzieu.

The skin not only designates the corporeal boundaries of the self, but also provides the interface for establishing meaningful relations with the outside world by offering an inscribing surface for marks left by others. Anzieu’s concept assumes the body’s physical skin as the primary organ underlying the formation of the ego. It’s the contact with the world that makes us what we are.

My research has distanced itself from an anthropocentric view of the world, preferring a conception of subjectivity as a process, the individual as a mutable entity that can be defined only temporarily by its relations.

Shown IRL at

Heaps Gay Pardi Gras, Sat 4 Mar 2017
The Factory Theatre 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville.
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25 Jan - 5 Feb 2017
Brisbane Powerhouse
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Midsumma Horizon, 6-11pm Sat 4th Feb 2017
Testing Grounds, 1 - 23 City Rd, Southbank 3006
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